23 Signs You Were Born to Travel

1. When people ask you “What is on your bucket list?” you would like to reply saying “EVERYTHING”

2. You think traveling is more important than sticking to the general conceptions of a successful life

3. You are constantly planning your next trip


4. Most of your stories start with “When I was traveling in … “

olympics animated GIF

People around you be like…

5. Your biggest wish is to have a passport full of stamps

6. No, scratch that, your biggest wish is to travel for a living


7. You are always in to try new things

8. When people mention a place you usually respond with “I have been there”, “I want to go there” or “I know someone there” (or multiple of those answers)

world animated GIF

9. You think people should work in order to live, and not the other way around

10. When you are eating in a foreign place, you choose the thing that sounds the weirdest

Oh well, hakuna matata

11. While other people talk about their dreams, you talk about plans

12. You realize a lifetime is way to short to fit in all the things you want to do

13. You always want to go to a new place, yet at the same time you want to go back to all those places you have visited but feel like you haven’t fully discovered them

14. You think other travelers can instantly make better friends than people who you meet in other occasions

 15. You have been in situations that were quite dangerous and possibly life-threatening, but at least now they make up for good stories

16. You can sleep anywhere, whether it is a noisy dorm room, or an airport

17. You think Tetris is for dummies. Packing bags is the real deal

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor packing

18. You can truly appreciate your warm water and a toilet that doesn’t make you squat

19. You don’t care as much about how you look all the time. Messy hair = epic adventures.


20. You feel that traveling and meeting people who are so different from you has made you realize who you really are

21. You know that after your ‘vacation’ you will come back more tired than you were before

22. You know travel comes with a sacrifice. Missing out on birthdays, parties, graduation, but you think it is all worth it

worth it

23. When you come back from a trip, you feel a lot happier than before

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