Is Being a Digital Nomad Something For You?

Being a digital nomad is a certain way of life. It usually means working remotely, avoiding attachments and changing your location every once in a while.

Why is that? Because when it comes to specific jobs, you may not need a conventional office or a fixed schedule.

Vibrant Bangkok, beautiful Bali, lively Berlin or charming Prague – if you work in the field of software development, design, marketing or writing, you can easily perform your job from anywhere.

The choice is yours and it’s as simple as that.

Since we realized that our surroundings affect our work and we don’t necessarily need an actual office in order to be productive, the remote work trend started gaining momentum.

More and more individuals decide to follow this tendency – including me. Although constantly switching from one place to another while still performing your job can be exciting, there’s a downside to it too.

But let me start from the beginning. I remember entering a coworking space for the very first time, when suddenly the amount of creativity just hit me.

I was fascinated with each and every individual working there and I quickly realised that it wasn’t just a place where you could rent a desk and find a quiet corner to work. Getting to know its entire community made me want to pursue a remote job right away.


However, it turned out that not all of us could benefit from such a work environment – even if you love the concept, you can find yourself being easily distracted.

I believe that it really depends on your job and work habits though. I used to enjoy sitting in the centre of the space with my headphones on and I didn’t mind being interrupted – but nowadays, since I take on a bit more responsibility and some extra tasks, I prefer to lie low.

After all, working remotely means just figuring out what’s best for you every now and then.

Nonetheless, you have to stay motivated and disciplined at all times. If nothing in a coworking space can distract you, something outside your workplace surely will.

Be careful – you chose a path of a neverending learning process, thus there’s a high possibility that you will discover something new every day. Whether it’s a foreign word, an exceptional coffee shop or a captivating district of your town – your brain will be working at full capacity.

Although it may seem like living the dream, it’s just not for everybody. For the right person, in the right place, it surely is – but just imagine constantly moving from one city to another, each time leaving something familiar behind.

Sooner or later, you may have nothing left to hold on to.

Numerous articles point out the benefits of being a nomad, but not that many seem to mention that there is a sense of temporariness and loneliness attached to it.

You’re constantly surrounded by people, yet sometimes you feel more alone than ever. Most of us want new relationships to last, but quite frequently our plans just don’t coincide.

Take me as an example. Whenever I start feeling comfortable in one place, I immediately want to go somewhere else. It’s a kind of addiction.


That’s why it’s important to realise that if you feel happy with where you are and what you possess – don’t change it. Don’t get me wrong, I believe that travelling is always a good idea.

What I’ve discovered with time though, is that changing a place to call home can eventually get tiring. It’s important to find a right balance – even though many of us enjoy being out of their comfort zones, we all need some kind of a stability.

I have no regrets, but sometimes I feel like a victim of unlimited opportunities. If there are no limits and you‘re pretty sure that you can do almost anything you want, you might eventually get lost. And this is where I am now.

This guest post was written by Berenika – an avid writer and a travel addict, currently working for Eurosender.

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