5 Security Tips When Moving Home To Another Country

You’ve finalized your decision to move abroad and have all of your paperwork and a new home lined up. Before you pack up and move to your new home in another country, be sure that you’ve considered security. While adjusting to being in a new country, keeping your family safe should be a top concern.

Here are some security tips that will help your transition to another country go more smoothly.

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1. Check Your Home’s Exterior Lighting

While homes in many Western nations have abundant exterior lighting, this isn’t always the case for countries abroad. Exterior lighting helps deter criminals and thieves, so plan to have some installed when you reach your new home.

You can have flood lights or motion activated lights shipped to your new house or pack some with the rest of your belongings.

2. Install An Alarm System

Just as exterior lights aren’t commonplace in many countries, neither are alarm systems. You may be tempted to blend in with the locals and not get one, but the peace of mind that a quality alarm system provides will be well worth the investment.


3. Do Research About Public Transit

Unless you plan on bringing your car or buying one as soon as you arrive, you’ll need a way to get around your new country.
Before you hop on the public transit available, do your research about what it’s like, how safe it is, and what the costs are. Many people who move from countries with relatively safe public transport assume it will be the same when they move abroad — that’s a mistake.
Even if the crime in your new country is low, the mode of public transportation may be something you’re not used to. For instance, if motorbike taxis are common in your new home, consider getting a helmet if you plan to be scooting around regularly.

4. Know How The Locals Drive

So, you plan to bring your car or buy one, and figure you don’t have to do much research about transportation in your new city — think again. Not only do you need to learn about the flow of traffic in your new country, but it’s best to ask people familiar with the area how much of a hazard driving is.
Some countries have very high auto accident rates or are host to highways and roads with extremely high-speed limits. This can be daunting at first. You don’t want to accidentally enter such a roadway and not know what you’re getting yourself into.


5. Be Prepared To Secure Your Windows And Doors

Doors and windows are a key point of entry for most would-be intruders, so it’s best to make sure yours are safe and secure. If you’ve bought a home in another country, making security adjustments to your locks, doors, and windows will be easier than if you’re renting.
If you are renting, check with your new landlord to see what changes you’ll be allowed to make and then plan to bring along the locks and materials you’ll need. Alternatively, find a professional locksmith who services the area you’re moving to.
These five tips are all simple ways to secure your new home when moving to another country. With just a bit of preparation, you’ll feel more confident about starting your new life abroad.




Nathan Hughes is a founder of Locksmiths In Sydney. When he is not letting you back into your house at 4 am in the morning, he is driving around Australia in a camper van, or sitting back with a glass of red wine in Europe.

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