A Life In A Year

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When I went on an exchange I didn’t know much about it. The only thing I wanted was to enjoy it. Someone told

Someone told me : “Exchange year isn’t a year in your life, it’s a life in a year” – which I couldn’t understand at the time, but now I know. Going on an exchange is like being born again, seeing stuff from different perspective and thinking differently. My host country was very different from my home country, which means everything was new and I somehow had to adjust it. I was so blessed to have an amazing host family, who helped me to make my exchange year unforgettable. They showed and explained me everything, they taught me language, they cooked traditional and sometimes even weird food for me, they knew what I loved, what I disliked, what I wanted to do… They told me to speak with them when I was sad or happy.


My life completely changed. I had to wake up earlier, my mom wasn’t coming to my room to wake me up and I missed it, of course, who wouldn’t miss it? But, I loved mornings with my host family, with people, whose names were just a names on a sheet on paper before I arrived. My exchange year was special, and definitely, it was THE year which I don’t want to forget, which I’ll always remember as the best year of my life so far. I don’t regret anything I did on my exchange, even trough I imagined some stuff in a different way. I don’t regret eating so much chocolate, that I felt bad after it, I don’t regret trying weird food, making mistakes while speaking. Because that’s why my exchange year was so special. I always thought, what if I did that, or I didn’t that… and now I know the answer, then my exchange year would be totally different. I tried so many new things on exchange, new house, new family, new school, class, friends… I even starting playing sports, even though I couldn’t really understand what the trainer was telling me and had no idea how to play it. But now, I remember it and

But now, I remember it and laugh because I have improved so much into everything. I went there as a totally different person and came home “wiser”. “Before you go on your exchange, you see with your one eye, but after you come back, you’ll open both of your eyes”,- told me one person and that’s right. Now I can see the world with two eyes, with it’s beauty and differences between cultures and people. Now I know how to appreciate stuff and be thanksful for that, what I have.



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