Flamenco in Sevilla – Spain


The southern region of Spain is very well known for it`s traditional dance; flamenco. The best city to see and live this passionate dance is Sevilla. You will find many small bars and café´s where you can enjoy this cultural phenomenon.

The music usually consists of an acoustic guitar and singing, but what makes this style so incredibly unique is the influence of arabic sounds (singing) mixed with the spanish instruments. The southern part of Spain was long occupied by the so-called Moors ( midieval muslim inhabitants of the Iberian peninsula), explaining the influence of the Arabic sounds in the flamenco music.

Flamenco is usually associated with the gitanos (romani people of Spain), and a performance usually consists of music and singing accompanied by dancing and clapping. Over the years the music and dance has grown more and more popular with many schools all over the world. For example, in Japan there are more registered flamenco schools than in Spain itself. In 2010 it has also gained it`s place in the UNESCO Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity list.

If you are visiting Spain, make sure you don`t miss one of the amazing flamenco shows that can be seen all over the country!
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