How I Married My Teacher On Exchange

When I was 15 I went on exchange to Québec, Canada. It was really awesome. I had the time of my life. So many awesome parties, amazing people and I surely won the Flag game.

After finishing high school in my own country, I decided to go on exchange again. I organized it privately and found the host family online.

I thought I already knew how exchange works because I survived a year in Canada. But compared to what I found in Colombia, Canada was the same as my host country. Everything was so different and I felt more lost than ever before. In Canada nearly everybody spoke English and I already had some French knowledge when I arrived.

In Colombia nobody spoke English and I didn’t speak Spanish. It was really hard to communicate with the family, the other students or even with the taxi-drivers. I made friends but I could only talk to one girl, who spoke English. Other than the cold and distanced Canadians, the Colombian boys were all over me.

I didn’t understand me but they even whistled when I passed. This time I was more serious. I didn’t want to make the extremely jealous and bitchy (sorry!) Colombian girls jealous or mad. I was anyways more serious on this exchange. So I played cool and I didn’t have anything with anyone. I just focused on learning the language and making friends.

The first time I saw my now- husband was on the first day of school when the principal took my hand (even he liked me) and gave me a tour through the school. During this tour one teacher looked me in the eyes for a second. I didn’t see him again for the next weeks but I didn’t forget him.


One week we had to choose an activity to do after school. I followed the only English-speaking girl of my class, Camila, to her activity: the school radio. And there he was. He was the teacher responsible for the school radio. At first he didn’t speak to me because he was too shy to speak English.

When he realized that I could do all the work they had to do because I spoke English and the school radio had to be in English, he asked me to record some things. We were done in only 30 minutes so the next week during the activity-time we only talked and listened to music.

I found out that he owned a bar and he invited me to go there. On the next weekend I and Camila (the English-speaking girl) went to his bar. Camila gave me his number, which she he had given her in case we had a problem to enter the bar (Camila was only 17). I just texted him that we are going to the bar now but he didn’t answer.

He was playing the drums there with his band and he didn’t have a lot of time for us so we only talked shortly.

School continued and I was sick for three days. When I came back in the next week, the activities had changed and nobody was at our meeting point for the school radio. So I went to look for this teacher and I found him. He was now responsible for the drum-activity. There were five 12-year old boys and well, after he invited me to join the activity, also me. He kept writing tasks on the board for the boys to practise on the drums and then we would sit down and talk.

One day he texted me if I wanted to go out to a bar for a beer. He picked me up at home and we went to a very nice bar. It felt so good to speak to somebody with more words than “Hola”, “Tengo hambre” and “Gracias”. We talked a lot and I told him how terrible things were with my host family but that I was still sad to leave soon. He told me he could help me to stay longer, of course without the terrible family.

After that we kept texting and he told me that his mother who is living in Spain (hence in a different time zone) is still awake and that she never sleeps. I replied “like you” and he understood it in a different way and texted back: “like you too, I’m so glad you wrote that”.

I liked that it turned out that way! We soon met again and it was really nice again. When I arrived “home”, I checked out his Facebook and saw he had a girlfriend. The next day at school I told him that I don’t date guys who have girlfriends, open in front of everybody. Nobody understood anyways but he was pretty shocked and I saw the guilt in his face.

After that things changed so quick that it’s hard to put them in order. My teacher kept texting me on that day telling me that he is not happy with his girlfriend, that they didn’t talk for four weeks and that he things he is missing out really great things. By that time I wasn’t getting along with the host family anymore at all.

My two host sisters were so jealous that they kept telling lies to their mother about me. It made me really angry because their mother became a real bitch then. One day later my teacher broke up with his girlfriend and he told me.

I was sleeping at Camilas house when he asked me to meet. He was in the bar so it was late. I told him that if I left Camilas house I couldn’t go back and he told me that it was no problem. So I figured I’ll sleep at his place. Well I misunderstood him.

So we met, we first kissed and then he wanted to bring me back to Camila. Obviously I couldn’t enter there anymore but I was ashamed to tell him that I thought that I was sleeping at his place. After trying to call Camila various times he brought me to his friends place, my philosophy teacher’s house. It was pretty awkward.

The next day I fought so much with my host family that I couldn’t stay with the anymore. So we moved in and everything was just working out so well. We only knew each other for so short but it felt like we have been living together forever. We prolonged my visa and I stayed with him.

Of course there were some cultural differences but we learned how to live with them. I was working as a translator from home and after that I hung out with his father. I already knew I was going to marry him. One day we talked about it and he also knew. We just did it, because we were never so sure about anything.


We are married for nearly a year now and living in Europe, we are very happy!

I still can’t say Colombia was the better exchange, because Canada made me grow so much as a person, it really formed my personality. Colombia though brought me my husband.



This post was written by Franziska Hacke. She is 20 years old, from Germany and is studying French and Japanese in University.

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