Insults around the world

People say you should never translate a joke, but maybe insults shouldn’t be translated either. Those of us who have ever wanted to learn some words in a foreign language will know that the first things they teach you are always the bad words. But learning these swear words can be quite platonic. To you it’s just a get together of strange sounds without any meaning. But what if we compared swear words around the world?

In this video made by CUT we see people from different major cities all over the world explaining what insults and swear words they use, and it is really funny. Things like ‘Green tea bitch’, ‘Soft egg’ or ‘Indoorsman’ to ‘Sister fucker’ ‘Your dad is dead. Your mom is dead. Everything is dead”. See for yourself and watch the video below.



What is your favorite insult in a foreign language?

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