10 Pieces Of Minimalist Travel Jewellery You Need Right Now

I am quite the minimalist when it comes to jewellery, and I don’t usually spend much money on it either.

After all, every penny spend on material things is a penny not spent on travel, am I right?

But these minimalist travel items were just too beautiful not to buy, and only proved what we all already know; less is more.

Let’s just say that even hurricane Harvey would be impressed by how much I made it rain with money.

 dance money win swag parks and recreation GIF

But when I came across these items I just had to have them.

In fact, I needed more than to have them. I wanted to sell them in my shop. So I did a little more research and finally found a way to add all of these magical items to my own shop and share them with you.

So here is some shameless promotion of some items I am sure you will love just as much as I love them.

1. This super classy golden airplane bracelet

Why not get started with my favorite?

It’s so simple and yet so amazing.

Golden Airplane Necklace

2. The stylish solution to all your hair tie problems

I have actually had this bracelet for a while and I love it!

It prevents your wrist from being soar after you have had a hair tie around it that was just a liiittle too tight (haven’t we all been there?) and it is also just a really simple but good looking bracelet.


You can even spice it up by using a hair tie in a fancy color, or just go for a classic black-white look.

3. The geometric hummingbird

Do I really need to explain why I like it?

It’s just so cute!

4. This classy compass bracelet or necklace


5. This golden leaf earring

Which is also available in silver.

6. This world map necklace

Because who doesn’t want the world hanging around their neck

7. More specifically for the Africa lovers among us

This way you will always have your continent close to your heart

8. This little golden paper plane

The more environmentally responsible option.

9. This super cute pineapple

As we are heading into fall, don’t we all need a little reminder of those tropical summers

And last but certainly not least

10. This mountain ring

I mean ridge. Ring.

As a Dutch person, I can always appreciate mountains, and this little ring was all I needed to share my appreciation more publicly.


These are my personal favorites that are travel themed, but many more items have been added to the shop (all personally vetted by me). Make sure to check out all the other great new stuff, and not just the jewellery section.

New items have also been added to the fashion department, travel accessories or notebooks.

Oh and as a bonus

Check out this travel watch to let you know that it is always travel o’clock

Please let me know what you think of these items and which one is your personal favorite! 

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