7 signs you learned Spanish in Latin America

1. Words like ¨pared¨ ¨dueño¨ ¨suave¨ sound dirty to you

Yes, Reggaeton has ruined your spanish.

Como componer reggaeton

2. … and so does ´coger´ 

reaction animated GIF

3. You might say ´vos´ or ´tu´, but in plural you will always use the polite form 

“Ustedes son unos hijos de p*ta!”

Use of Ustedes in spanish

.. a bit like Canadians

4. You cringe a bit when you hear Spanish people talk with the “z” 

5. You think ´ahorita´ is an acceptable word 

… and diminuish other words aswell. Right, mamita?

6. You think a coche is something for children, not for adults 

Spanish guys trying to impress you be like

“Are you joining me in mi coche?”

And you…

gross animated GIF


7. You bump into little misunderstandings and discussions with people from another part of Latin America (or Spain) about what is the ´real Spanish´ 

You meet someone from another Spanish speaking country, get all excited and start ranting and they are like “Great story but..

sad animated GIF

“Are those words even real spanish? “

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