15 Struggles Multilingual People Will Understand

1. People always ask you to “Say something” in another language

no ron swanson nick offerman

2. Words are always on the tip of your tongue


3. .. or you only know a word in another language

4. You change personality multiple times a day

Yes, it has been proven that speaking different languages may actually enable you to have different personalities.

5. You accidentally speak to people in the wrong language

know through maureen

6. Sometimes you get confused so much you feel like you don’t speak any language

friends confused joey joey tribbiani matt leblanc

7. You always come up with great jokes in other languages but can’t use them

joker movies heath ledger the joker dark knight

8. People from your own country will think you are foreign because they hear you speaking in another language

Film Society of Lincoln Center surprise matt damon ridley scott the martian

9. You are always looking for a new language to learn

10. When you hear someone speaking a language you know you immediately freak out and stalk them for a little bit to know what the situation is, and then possibly approach them

HULU tv fox empire reading

11. You notice the mistakes made in the subtitles

12. You never know in what language to put the subtitles

13. You know people who speak only a little, but still claim they are fluent

house of cards frank underwood kill me bitch please kill me now

14. When you tell people you speak another language someone will always say
“Oh yeah, but it´s easy for you because you are good at languages”

eminem 8 mile judging you judging eyes day drinking

15. You realize that there is no finish line to learning a language

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