10 Reasons Why Studying Abroad Ruins Your Life

1) You’ll never be able to have all of your friends at the same place at the same time because they are spread all over the globe


2) You are going to want to cook all sorts of delicious foods from the country you studied,

but they never taste the same

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3) You annoy everyone around by starting every story with “When I was abroad…”



4) You know stereotypes are untrue or incomplete

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5) You will never stop wanting to travel



6) Everytime someone mentions a country you say

1) “Oh I’ve been there”
2) “I know somebody there!”
3) “I want to go to there!”

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7) You have to send your international friends lots of these

None animated GIF


8) You are always planning to go back

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When you see cheap flights

9) You will feel more nationalistic, yet at the same time also not.

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10) Because studying abroad was the best year of your life and whatever comes after might never live up to the time you spend abroad.

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